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Unforgettable adventure

First-time visitors to Russia, the country of eternal winter and polar bears, encounter the greatest adventure in heir lives. A tremendous tour to Russia will change your view of the world, you will never be the same again. It is an escape from the reality, a deep penetration into the initial beauty of Russian nature, culture, art and architecture. Our motherland has survived suffocations and lootings by invaders, the most glorious representatives of the nation achieved unbelievable feats of courage and honour, we had times of sorrow and centuries of grandeur. The pages of Russian history nourish imagination of schoolchildren all over the world. Russia exists not only geographically – it is an eidos, word of mouth, philosophy and a state of mind. Only here you have a great opportunity to notice the minutiae of nature – all those trifles, which we never have time to look at.

It is Gulf of Finland, of course, that order the Saint-Petersburg’s climate. It is said, that it is always raining in the northern capital of Russia – like in London. It is not true: sometimes it is snowing and pretty often it is windy. The city is situated on the islands, so capricious weather patterns are to be expected. An astonishing tour to St. Petersburg will enrich your travelling experience. Such a trip may seem to be a subject of difficult decisions, as our country is considered to be savage and dangerous. It is vital to follow you common sense. Saint-Petersburg is a pearl of Russian “crown”, this city was built to become a capital, it has never evolved from a deteriorated village to a magnificent cultural and politic centre – it was created this way. Travel across time and space with a well-educated trained guide, explore all the hidden treasures of this mysterious city – its yards, unknown bars and sites of interest, memorials and other traces of the past.

How did Moscow find its image? It did not. So it is – contradictory, partly – clumsy and vulgar, partly – elegant and exquisite. As far as culture is concerned, a tour to Moscow will allow you to have an insight of the whole essence of “Russian soul”. The capital is busy, overcrowded, multi-national, and it is still splendid, eternal and powerful. The place, which is definitely worth visiting - is the Kremlin. It used to be a fortress, now it is an official residence of the President. Fearless fierce fighting men are the same part of Russian history as ingenious scientists, scholars and artists are. Rich pastures and bleak flatlands are not the only contradictions of Russian scenery. Just have a look – and get inspired.


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До начала 20-го века в Купавне в районе плотины существовала бумажная фабрика.


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